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Focus on LCD display cable assembly more than 20 years !

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SGC-Small Gauge Coaxial cable,LCDS cable

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SGC,Small Gauge Coaxial cable,SGC cable,MCX cable

MCC cable,Micro Coax Mini coaxial cable

Design and manufacture of custom eDP cable,IPEX LVDS cable,LVDS cable,

LCD cable,Ribbon cable in small gauge co-axial cable.Professional in

SGC/MCC/MCX/Micro Coax assembly for LED backlight LCD & flat-panel

displays and their peripherals.widely used in medical equipment,

high-end automated test equipment,and security applications.


Key Specifications/Special Features: 

1) Cable Materials:UL10064 #32AWG-#36AWG UL1354 #36AWG-#42AWG SUMITOMO/HITACHI

2) Common used connector brand: 


3) Pitch: 0.3mm/0.4mm/0.5mm/0.8mm/1.0mm/1.25mm Pitch

4) Application:

   All kinds of LVDS cable,LCD cable,eDP cable,IPEX cable,SGC cable,Diagnostic Cable,

   MCX cable,MCC cable,Micro Coaxial cable,Micro Coax,Round cable,HDMI cable,D-Sub cable,

   SCSI cable,Display port cable,FFC cable,USB cable for LCD panel,widely used in


5) OEM and ODM orders are welcome.  Please contact us for what you need:


E-mail: JACKY@LCD-CABLE.COM    Skype:  JACKY882010

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